My dog Vinny used to bite, as a matter of fact, since we’ve had him, he had bitten three people. I rescued him in March of 2008 and I was told that he was as gentle as could be. He is a cute little guy who, from the day his paws crossed my threshold, has been very loving to all members of my family. However, strangers caused him concern and over time this issue worsened. I attempted obedience training for Vinny, but it didn’t help. He is an unusual dog in that, other than biting strangers, he never stepped out of line. But, by the fall of 2011 after his third bite, and several other bite attempts, I was ready to give up. I felt like I could not change his behavior and that keeping him was irresponsible and unsafe. I made the heartbreaking decision to put him down. When I called my Veterinarian to make the appointment, she asked me to give Chad Alden at Sentinel Canine Academy a call before making a final decision.

I began working with Chad the following week. While I had been through training with other trainers over the years with Vinny and other dogs I’ve had, none of my prior experiences were like what I experienced with Chad. Chad was able to teach me so much about how to communicate to get what I needed; how I need to both verbally and nonverbally communicate to Vinny , and how I need to read the dog’s signals. Chad took time to evaluate Vinny and also carefully listened to my stories and perspectives to determine what training methods and techniques would be most successful. While doing this, Chad taught me that every dog is different; what works to train some, doesn’t work for all. Through a weekly building process Chad taught me how to work with Vinny to achieve the goals I had for Vinny and me.

I am thrilled to say, after working with Chad I was able to take Vinny to the beach and have him off leash! My goals for Vinny were not only met through Chad’s wisdom and leadership, my goals were exceeded. Vinny is an awesome dog who loves to work with me on all of the things Chad taught us, and in doing so he is gaining more confidence while losing his fear based biting reaction to new people. I could not be more pleased with both the experience and the outcome; the training process with Chad was incredibly informative, rewarding, and a lot of fun too!
Patty Marsden
Stratham, NH



In 2010 I had given up on our two year old Rottweiler Khaos. He was very dominate and aggressive. When my husband or I tried to correct him he would sometimes bite us because he wanted to be the the top dog. We have had Khaos since he was a puppy and had gone through more than eight weeks oftraining and that trainer ran out of ideas on how to help get him under control. I had just about given up when my husband discovered SENTINAL CANINE ACADEMY. He called and set up an evaluation with Chad. I stayed at home. After once a week sessions for a month I had to go see what Chad was doing to get Khaos under control. I found out that a lot of his problems were my fears and anxieties. I began training along with Khaos. 

We have been working with Chad for a year now and he has improved and so have I. Training is an everyday thing and a huge commitment for us that we enjoy.  With Chad's knowledge and training Khaos has become a friendly giant and I have become calmer and understand my moods have everything to do with his moods. My shining moment was when Chad had me walk two of the most powerful breeds, a Rottweiler and a Pitbull together one on each side of me. I was so proud of myself but even prouder of Khaos as he walked beside me with no aggression or dominance. WOW!!! Thank you Chad!

Mike and Dede Walsh
Newington, NH

We thought Luka was "on the rocks" literally. He was unpredictable, fearful and he had nipped two of our house guests. It was getting to the point where we were afraid to have people over. He is an extremely loyal and loving Vizsla to his immediate family but he did not deal well with strangers and visitors. We were at the end of our rope when our vet suggested a visit to Chad Alden at Sentinel Canine, after several visits Luka is a changed dog. 
He now understands that we are in charge and there is no reason for him to fear our friends, family and visitors. He is a joy to take on walks and after an initial introduction, he is affectionate and friendly to all. We can not thank Chad enough--Luka "rocks"--he's a great dog."

Jon and Saija Di Gesu
Stratham, NH

Thank you so very much for all the work you did with Teddy. We are so pleased with the way things turned out.  At first on Friday night I was worried if he would be ok. He looked like he was having separation anxiety from you.  Saturday we walked him a lot and he did really well. He is following the commands as we are giving them. By Sunday he was all snuggly (like the old Teddy).

 Walking him is such a joy. He stays right with us. When someone comes in or goes out the door it is such a pleasure not to chase after him so he doesn't hurt someone. That anxiety is gone.


Most of my coworkers who knew that Teddy was at Training have asked how he is doing. I respond by saying he is doing great and it was well worth the money we spent.

We are going away to some friends of ours this weekend (bringing Teddy with us). Can't wait to see how he acts with their Golden.

We can't thank you enough. Words cannot express how appreciative we are.Thanks again!!

Norm, Theresa and Teddy
Portsmouth, NH


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